Wouldn’t it be great if your audio experience was personalized? Think about it, everyone’s ears are different and we all have different hearing sensitivity. A company called Aumeo is actually taking the disparity in people’s auditory prowess and has designed a pocket-sized device that adjusts your music based on your unique audio profile.


You probably don’t realize this, but we all hear different frequencies. This means that we miss out on certain sounds when we listen to music. Worst yet, music often times becomes distorted at high volumes and puts us at risk for hearing loss. Aumeo does away with those risks and delivers a tailored audio experience without needing a bunch of expensive gadgets and equipment. Simply connect your phone/mp3 player to the device and then connect your headphones on the other end. Aumeo will then walk you through creating an audio profile. Once you’ve answered a few questions, you will be able to listen to music tailored to your ears. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

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Finally! You Can Get A Personalized Listening Experience With Aumeo
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