We have so many gadgets and gizmos in our homes today that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of which ones are being charged and which aren’t. Ivan Pasichnyk, CEO of Ecoisme, thought that the problem of energy consuming gadgets and lights was so wasteful that he created a device meant for tracking the energy consumption of your devices. The eponymously named Ecoisme will let you know if you forget to switch off the AC, lights, and even if you left the refrigerator door open.


More than just a tracker, Ecoisme is your energy consumptionn coach. Ecoisme can analyze the data it’s gathering on the state of your devices in order to provide you with clear recommendations on how to reduce energy usage. As is typical with smart home devices, Ecoisme is compatible with other smart home products such as Nest, Philips Hue, and Netatmo amongst others. It can even integrate with solar panels in order to maximize its environmental impact. Ecoisme is a potentially world changing and definite wallet increasing solution. Isn’t it about time one of your gadgets paid for itself?

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Finally A Gadget That Will Lower Your Energy Bill
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