Here’s something you might not have known, inStashers – don’t feel bad, we didn’t either – but one does not just decide to create a space suit and then have the power to do so. This type of attire is apparently sanctioned heavily among countries on grounds that suits contain military-grade weapons components. That didn’t stop a guy from Brooklyn and a guy from Russia, however, from throwing their hats into the ring.

Ted Southern and Nik Moiseev met during the NASA Centennial Challenge and kept in touch eventually winning a $100,000 grant from NASA for developing a glove that out-NASAed NASA at the Aeronautic Space Glove Challenge, and now they’re working on a complete space suit for the next generation in final frontier wear. They call themselves Final Frontier Design, and that colorful thing you see in the picture is their creation, which is the first space suit designed for commercial space travel. No word on how they’ll fare in a teleporter just yet. Maybe we should create one first. Star Trek can’t become a reality soon enough!

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Final Frontier Space Suits
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