The final version of iOS11 is out today although the beta version has been out for quite some time. We have lightly touched these new features in a previous article but would like to write more about it to give you a glimpse of what’s going to happen should you decide to go to General>Software Update>Download and Install.

But before we give you the rundown of features, check out this list (from the Apple site itself) first to see if your device will get the update or not. If not, we have other articles today made just for you.

iOS 11 Supported Devices


iPod touch 6th generation


iPad Mini 2, 3, and 4

iPad 5th generation

iPad Air (1) and 2

iPad Pro (9.7” and 10.5”)

iPad Pro (12.9”) 1st and 2nd generation


iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8

iPhone SE

iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus

iPhone X

iOS 11 New Features

Congratulations if your device is on the list above. Now here are what to expect from the new operating system.


If you love Finder on your Mac devices, you’ll most likely appreciate Files too. Just like the Finder, Files holds all your—yes—files in one folder. From the files that are locally saved on your iPad or iPhone to the ones that are in the Cloud and other 3rd-party cloud storage such as Dropbox.

So basically, it replaces iCloud Drive.

The Files main screen has the list of sources (e.g., iCloud Drive, Dropbox, On My iPad) on the left and the files and folders on the right just like the Finder in Mac.

You may drag and drop your favorite files to the Favorites section or create tags by dragging and dropping too.

There are other features and gestures for the Files app, but we feel the need to highlight the ones above.


Dock for iPad looks just like what you find in Mac. Instead of the row of apps you see at the bottom of the
screen, you now get a Dock by swiping up in any app.

A short swipe will display Dock which initially shows you the running apps and shortcuts. A long swipe will display all the running apps plus the control center on the right side. It also shows apps that are open on your iPhone or Mac.


While this is not an innovative idea, multitasking on iPad is improved significantly. Aside from the split screen the iOS 9 introduced, you now may overlap two apps through the Slide Over feature. Just drag the second app to the left.



Instant Markup

Right after taking a screenshot, you’ll see a thumbnail that gives you the option to modify the image immediately. You can write, doodle, or do applicable edits to the image just captured. Afterward, you’re asked whether you’d like to keep or discard the screenshot.

Why only now Apple?


Instant Notes

On iPad, tapping the Pencil on the lock screen wakes it up and allows you to scribble right away. This will then be saved in the Notes app.

iOS 11 also lets you scan documents using the Notes app. The edges will be cropped, and glares and tilts will be fixed. You may also write and sign on the scanned document using the Pencil.

When drawing or sketching over a text, the letters automatically moves to the side. This is called Inline Drawing, which is also applicable in Mail.

Better keyboard

Being a longtime BlackBerry user, I hate that Apple keyboard corrects me when I refuse to be corrected. Plus it takes more clicks to get to the characters I want such as numbers and punctuation marks.

With the iOS 11, however, almost all the characters you need—letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols—are on the same keyboard.

For iPhone users, we may now use the one-handed keyboard orientation. By holding down the globe icon, the keyboard may be pushed to left or right depending on your preference.

Now we can drink coffee and type at the same time.

Payment in Messages

You may now send payment via Messages app using Apple Pay. The recipient can keep it in his Apple Pay Cash which may be used in select stores or the App Store. It may also be wired to his bank account.

We hope they do this too for PayPal, though, although Skype has already taken care of that.

Enhanced photos; smaller files

Living in a world where “picture or it didn’t happen” applies 99% of the time (read people taking selfies during a disaster), it is only proper that we capture the best images that can get the most likes.

To answer that, iOS 11 added more filters and improved the Portrait mode. For the Live Mode, you now have the option to create Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure effects.

Image and Video sizes are also smaller despite in being recorded in 4K. Using HEIF and HEVC, your media files should be saved half the size. Sending these via email should convert the files to JPG or MP4 for non-compatible devices.

And, oh, 9gaggers and Redittors, GIF may now be saved in the Photos app.

Another oh! You can now scan QR codes using the camera. At long last!

Improved Maps

We know that there is Google Maps for this, but for those who are solid Apple app users, Apple Maps can now direct you inside a building such as malls and airports.

You’re also informed which lane to take if you’re driving. This is especially helpful when there are accidents ahead.


Control Center

As a new iPhone user, I didn’t really appreciate (and use) the Control Center. There are way too many taps before I get to what I want.

The iOS 11, thankfully, has heard my cry and decided to show all control shortcuts on one screen. Add and delete as you please.



Notifications Center

Again, this not new, but I’m glad it’s here. Even when your screen is locked, swiping up should show you your notifications.

Right now, what I do is press the Home or the Power button to show notifications. It’s still one movement, but swiping saves your buttons from the usual wear and tear.

By the way, if you’re driving, Do Not Disturb mode will be turned on automatically which means all notifs will be silenced until further notice…I mean until you’re done driving. Now you have a ‘valid’ reason not to pick up your phone when your girl is calling (insert evil grin).

Record your screen

For the YouTubers or Vloggers who love to talk about everything on the planet, you can now record what’s going on in your phone using the record feature. You may add this shortcut to the control center and bam! Start recording.

Customize AirPods

You may now set a task your AirPods can do when you double tap it. You may assign “activate Siri” on the left pod and “next track” on the right.

Offload unused apps

Finally! You can now purge your phone and get rid of unused applications. Data and documents will be saved, though, which will be synced again once you reinstall the app.


There may be other features that are not mentioned here today like Siri being more intelligent. But unless she can tell me where I can find the love of my life, I wouldn’t be relying on her too much.

But jokes aside, the features above are the ones we are most excited about, although if you haven’t noticed, iPad users will benefit from this more than iPhone owners.

Before you update your devices though, be cautioned that Day 1 is not always the good time to do that because of the bugs. So it’s probably a good idea to wait a bit longer.

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