If you’ve been reading inStash this week then you probably already know that Facebook is making a big push into the media space. Not only have they partnered with hardware companies making advanced live streaming cameras, but they’ve also started to get into the virtual reality video recording space with their new Facebook Surround 360 Camera software.


As it’s name implies, the Surround 360 Camera is capable of capturing 3D content in 360 degrees using its specialized stitching technology which weaves together the video taken by up to the 17 different cameras. Once captured, users will then be able to experience any environment whether the footage has been taken indoors or outdoors.

Facebook will be releasing the Facebook Surround 360 Camera software later this summer and Github will likely be the place to download it. The software is meant to be open meaning that anyone can take the plans, fork it, and tweak it to their liking. Way to go Facebook for supporting free and open software!

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Facebook Wants To Turn Your Camera Into A 360 Virtual Reality Recorder
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