It’s not secret that Facebook has long wanted to get all up in Snapchat’s ephemeral exploding messaging goodness. After experimenting with Poke a couple of years ago, the Menlo Park-based company is back at it again and this time its certain that it can win you over. Dubbed “Live Events”, the new feature aims to be a single destination for viewing curated public posts, photos, and videos — just in time for Lollapalooza.

FaceBook Event

Unlike Facebook Poke, the new “Live Events” feature is just that — a feature. It won’t be a separate app and will be accessible from both your mobile app and browser, although it makes more sense to open it up in your smartphone. There’s no word on if Facebook will open this up in waves as it usually does with its new features or if it’ll be available to everyone. Look for more to come out of Facebook soon.

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Facebook Aims To Take On Snapchat With Live Events Feature
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