Ford’s Raptor is impressive to say the least. But the new F250R Megaraptor Truck just blows it out of the water. Instead of being based on the current F-150, the Megaraptor is instead built around the much larger and formidable F-250 complete with 6.7L turbodiesel engine. So what exactly is different from the F-250? Well, for one, the track itself has been widened with the front axle moved forward and the suspension being given an upgrade for improved off-road performance.

That’s not all, though, as there are new fiberglass body panels which have been added to the chassis in order to fit aluminum rims. Not just any aluminum rims, though, as they’re military-grade MRAP rims. As you’d expect from a performance intensive vehicle, even the tires are meant to provide you with added traction and power. As such you can find 46″ Michelin XZL tires wrapped around the aforementioned rims. Find out more about this vehicle via the link below.

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F250R Megaraptor Truck Reinvents The Ford F250 With A New Engine, Chassis
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