The developers of the Eyeball Security Camera designed this one of a kind spherical technology that can be used for security purposes anywhere you go. With this device, you’re able to capture images from different perspectives without the need of capturing photographs or videos from your smartphone.

Each Eyeball camera has a 3,000 mAh battery that can provide you with a 12hr battery life. It has an Intelligent Home Monitoring capability so you can monitor your home, even when you’re outside doing something important. The Eyeball Security Camera package includes a wireless charging carry case with an additional 10,000mAh battery. Thus, it allows you to recharge all 3 cameras to 100% by simply placing it flat on the case. It also has the ability to generate its own network so you can literally bring it anywhere you like.

The cameras have a 4K Ultra HD so you can completely see who’s in your room when you’re out for a swim at the pool. Because of its intelligent home monitoring capability, it can detect movements and sounds which include laughter detection so you can capture images or videos of funny moments. The Eyeball Security Camera has a 130° Field of View and 100db panic alarm in cases of emergencies. It also has Cloud storage and a local MicroSD.

With this much Cloud and local storage and power, the Eyeball Security Camera can be used as a dash cam. Because of its long battery life and 4K ultra HD, it can provide you with 3 days worth of continuous HD recording before you need to charge it again. It can be used as a granny-cam, nanny-cam, or dog-cam. This camera is also perfect when you’re out camping and BBQing. With the Eyeball Security Camera, you can determine who stole your things if it goes missing. In this way, you’re guaranteed that all your things and belongings are secured.

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The Eyeball Security Camera is your On-the-Go and Reliable Security Technology
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