When James Bond goes to the lake for the weekend, this is likely the personal water craft he tools around on. It’s like a tiny aquatic B-2 stealth bomber and gives the distinct impression that little heat-seeking missile launchers could spring out of both sides on command.There’s also something undeniably cool about the way you ride on it: lying prone, head-first, superhero style. You look kind of like you’re trying to defuse its warhead before it destroys an aircraft carrier.

Now, don’t go thinking you’ll be an unstoppable water missile on the EXO. It’s pulled by an electric motor, which means no emissions and very little noise, and tops out at 31mph. So it’s really more of a casual family fun vehicle than the experimental torpedo weapon its sleek black lines suggest. But it’s definitely a wicked-looking family fun vehicle.

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EXO | Electric Jet Ski
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