After Skookum, we didn’t have any plans to revisit the horror movie terrain, especially two days in a row, but it’s not every day that a trailer as awesome as the Evil Dead remake comes along. When we first heard about this idea, as fans of the original, the news was more infuriating than exciting. Rumors persisted early on that it would be a PG-13 travesty.

Fortunately, the filmmakers didn’t commit an atrocity so ignorant. This Evil Dead looks every bit as nasty and unappetizing as the original, and believe us, that’s a good thing. Fans will also notice this version is keeping intact a lot of the edgy scenes that got the original banned from many theaters and earned it an entry on the infamous Video Nasties list of the 1980s. Evil Dead opens on April 12, 2013, and yes, the ARE gonna get you.

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