The hologram is not a new technology, but for most of us, seeing one is limited to Tony Stark’s laboratory—fictional, of course. For some, they experienced it via the AR headsets, but then again the experience is limited to the person using the headset.

For this reason (and a whole lot of others, actually), Euclideon decided to create the world’s first hologram table that allows a maximum of four people to interact. You may use it to present design to your clients, play games with your roommate, or simply impress that girl from college.

This sci-fi table includes motion-tracking glasses, which use frequency separation crystal films, instead of the bulky AR headsets. So far, the table measures 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters, but future productions may be even bigger.

Distribution may start in February 2018.

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Euclideon Has Just Produced the World's First Multiuser Hologram Table and It's Amazing
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