Smart homes are great and all, but owning one represents a massive privacy and security risk. You see, your home network is probably not as secure as you’d like to think it is, and a hacker who gets access to your smart devices could wreck havoc. That being said, owning a smart home doesn’t have to be dangerous — if you own the Essential Home Smart Assistant, that is. Running a custom operating system called Ambient OS, this new device runs an AI engine locally that that keeps everything you do on a day to day basis from winding up on the information superhighway.


The creators promise that the Essential Smart Assistant is capable of automatically finding and configuring every smart device in your home, from your smart thermostat to your Sonos speaker and beyond. The device will then learn your routines, even going as far as notifying you when you need to leave the house for a meeting or when you’ve forgotten to turn off a light.

You can find out more about this device and its capabilities via the link below.

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Essential Smart Assistant Automatically Makes Your Home 'Smart', Offers Unparalleled Protection
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