There's just something about canoeing that's a whole lot of fun. Being alone in the open water with nothing but yourself, the sky above you, and the murky depths below you can be a magical and even enlightening experience. Never tried it before? You're in luck, the best place to start is by purchasing your very own Escobedo Sea Dart.

Built from wood sourced only from the finest marine plywood in France and certified by Lloyd's of London, this boat may just be one of the finest in the world. If you're a student of history you'll even be delighted to know that it's been built using Viking-era construction techniques which sees separate panels overlapped, glued together, and hand sanded.


The Escobedo Sea Dart is sixteen feet in length and weighs just 55 pounds. It's stable, able to navigate shallow waters easily. What's more, thanks to its fiberglass coating it's practically leak proof making your time out in the water as worry free as can be.

Escobedo is available in three different color finishes and each boat is built-to-order in Texas. You can order your own via the link below. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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Escobedo Sea Dart Combines Viking-Era Shipbuilding With Modern Style
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