If Jay and Kay were real, we’re pretty sure this would be their go-to weapon. Designed by the German graphic designer Pascal Eggert, this self-powered caliber .50 claims to always hit your target without the need to aim.


Science, of course.

Solenoid Induction System-Barrel

The Epic A3 has quadruple barrels to aim at a wider range of targets, especially those that are not in front of a gun. This means you don’t have to reposition the rifle after the target has been tagged or use electronic projectiles so that the trajectory can be modified.

Aside from the multiple barrels, the Epic A3 uses the Solenoid Induction System-Barrel (SIS), which works with electromagnets that allow a change in trajectory mid-air through the help of the computer tracking system.

This means that once the computer tracking has determined the flight path, these electromagnets alter the trajectory of the fired round.

Pair it with the EXACTO .50, the guided small caliber bullet, and you can hit even moving targets with no problem.

Thermal Energy Converter

What’s more, the TEC-Shield instantly converts a portion of the thermal energy into high-voltage electricity to influence the projectile mid-air. It is a series of piezoelectric vanes and blowback regenerative brakes.

So instead of using bulky power systems to power the target tracking electronics, A3 employed TEC. This keeps the weight and size down.

Intelligent Target Finder

It’s also equipped with the ITF-Scope (Intelligent Target Finder) so you can detect your target, lock it, and confirm the kill.

Target detection compares speed, silhouette, size, and so on to an integrated database then sorts them by distance. If possible, a web search may also be performed so facial detection can occur.

The target lock is activated once you press the tag button in front of the trigger. If there are multiple targets, it is the target that’s closest to the center of the viewfinder that’s chosen. Then the SIS-barrel path will be calculated right after. TELL also calculates the best trajectory depending on gravity, distance, wind rotation, temperature, and weather.

Distance-permitting, ITF aims for an instant kill. So that’s either the head or the center mass that’s targeted.

Once the fire is shot, ITF will check for the changes in position, heat signature, and heart rate are compared to the previous data to confirm that you have successfully annihilated your target. The phrase “kill confirmed” will then show up on the monitor.

For the succeeding targets, pressing the tag button will select the next target. Alternately, you can choose the group shooting mode for an uninterrupted killing spree.

If you want to broadcast your kill to your friends for that extra ego boost, the ITF records every fired shot, which you may share by pressing the share button on the rifle. Or you may opt to connect the rifle via USB so you can transfer videos to a computer.

Other Features

And to notch the badass futuristic tag, the EPIC A3 has a user verification system through iris recognition. The built-in HD camera detects verified users so ITF can only be activated by the user himself.

In case of a total system failure, the ITF may still be used with the help of front and rear backup fiber optic BUIS iron sights or the self-illuminated iron sight.

At night, the ITF asks for the special powers from four high-sensitivity image sensors so you can still aim, shoot, and kill even in the darkest hours.

If you’re out hunting with your friends, ITF lets you connect with them via ITF equipped rifles or other compatible devices through its own WiFi server. This option lets you stream live view from the viewfinder.


Due to the multi-barrel design, this Epic A3 is relatively heavy with a weight of ~17 lbs. unloaded. Also, because TEC gets some of the cartridge’s energy, the projectiles are not as fast and powerful as the conventional .50 BMG rifles.

Despite these flaws, however, it is still safe to say that this has got to be one of the most badass, sci-fi worthy weapons there is.

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EPIC A3 is a Rifle Straight Out of the Future
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