The Eon Extreme Pocket LED Flashlight looks just like it comes out of an Eon Productions’ James Bond film, though the two are unrelated. (We checked.) Nevertheless, at $65, this one gives you a great affordable opportunity to do something different with your next flashlight. Featuring two LEDs, this credit card-sized gadget is sleek and powerful, delivering 230 lumens while boasting long life and a light weight of only 45 grams.

But just because it’s slight in size, that doesn’t mean it’s lax on construction. The Eon is crafted from a solid block of aluminum that is nearly indestructible. Its flood lens will ensure that the adjustable lighting gets to where it needs to go to light the way, and since you’ve got the dimmer option, the lights last even longer. A perfect complement to the bigger and badder Fenix TK45.

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Eon Extreme | Pocket LED Flashlight
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