At least once a day, we go inside a room and ask ourselves, “Why did I come here again?” There are also a lot of times when we don’t know where we place our keys, eyeglasses, pen, and so on.

These symptoms may be a sign of amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI), the stage between aging and dementia.

While there are no approved drug treatments for this condition, cognitive training has proven to be beneficial for patients with aMCI.

This is what inspired Peak to create Brain Training, a mobile app that requires players to match geometric patterns and locations to acquire gold coins.

According to a study by Cambridge University, this app is proven to improve the memory of those suffering from aMCI by up to 40%. Also, it may help curb the tendency for the condition to worsen and lead to dementia.

Isn’t that a fun way to remember?

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Enhance your Memory Function with this Brain Training App
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