Key-centric annoyances are a dime a dozen. If you’re the type of person who either loses his keys frequently or doesn’t quite know what key opens which door then rest assured, you are not alone. That’s why the folks behind Keysmart 2.0 decided to help ameliorate the sources of key-based stress by coming up with what the call the “swiss army knife” of keychains.


Much like the swiss army knife which inspired it, Keysmart 2.0 is extremely versatile and can hold a whole range of accessories like a USB, bottle opener, pocket clip, quick retracting key, and quick disconnect silver. If keys are more your ‘thang then you can rest assured that Keysmart will be able to deliver. This key organizer can actually fit up to 100 different keys!

Keysmart 2.0 is available in a number of colors ranging from the classics like red, blue, black, and white to magenta, titanium, pink, and orange. Order from their website today and enjoy a 15% coupon on the regular price of $27.94.

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End Cluttered Pockets With Keysmart 2.0
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