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Into paintball? You’re going to love the Empire EVS. Shown off at CES 2016 last week, the Empire EVS is a heads-up display for your paintball helmet. Much the same way that Oakley and Recon Instruments teamed up to make the Airwave Sports Goggles, Empire Paintball worked extensively with Recon Instruments on the EVS. In fact, the EVS contains much the same components as the Airwave and functions much the same way as well.


So what battlefield-intel will be available to you exactly? Empire EVS will be able to show you critical data such as ammo counts, field maps and teammate locations. The device itself is running an Android fork and it relies on a 1GHz dual-core processor to do the heavy lifting. In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 is available on the device as well as WiFi and GPS. The mask itself has dual-pane lenses in order to prevent internal fogging.

Pricing and availability isn’t exactly available just yet but we’d estimate that this product will likely retail for around $500.

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Empire EVS Will Take Your Paintball Game To The Next Level
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