Retro gamers rejoice! There’s a new way to play your favorite handheld and console games right on your TV. Meet Mini Emu, the Raspberry Pi-powered Kickstarter project which hopes to be your gateway to the best games from systems as diverse as the NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, and PSX (amongst others). This isn’t just some cheap emulator box with lots of lag and stuttering either. The team behind Mini Emu has pushed the Raspberry Pi to its very limits, providing an experience that faithfully mimics the performance you’d see when playing games on their native console.

Mini Emu

While gaming is clearly the focus here, Mini Emu is also a fully-featured media center. Bundled into the product is KODI (previously known as XBMC) which allows for playing audio/video right from your Mini Emu’s SD/USB slot. Since KODI is being bundled, that means that you can use the free app on your iPhone/Android phone or tablet in order to control your Mini Emu straight from your smart device. Pretty cool eh? Mini Emu really is the ultimate retro gaming experience!


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Embrace Your Nostalgia With The Mini Emu Retro Gaming Console
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