Inevitably every time yours truly buys a new pair of sunglasses they break or stain or scratch, and my friends look at me as about the cheapest SOB on earth. Not going to say those accusations are ill-founded, but at the same time it’s hard to envision paying several hundred bucks for a pair of quality shades that are both sturdy and well-designed. Well, if Elliot Havok Eyewear has anything to do with it, that will no longer be an issue.

The SmartShades come in three different types – two sunglass-centric and one specifically designed for prescription use. The shades offer nine-layer UV protection and scratch resistance and rosewood frames promise a blend of durability and flexibility. No easy breaks in other words. Match that with an ergonomically correct and unisex design and you’ve got a product that can fit almost any melon.

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Elliot Havok Eyewear: SmartShades
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