What’s the longest you ever got a paper airplane to stay in the air? Five seconds, maybe? If you’ve ever managed ten you know it feels magical, like that little plane is carried on the backs of invisible paper pixies. Or maybe that’s just me.

Well how’d you like to keep that stolen office letterhead aloft for up to thirty seconds, with no pixies required. Just lay the electric paper airplane conversion kit down the middle fold of your plane with the prop at the back and the motor at the front. Hold the little battery pack up to the motor for twenty seconds and you’re charged and ready to put those pixies to shame.

Now, the motor will run for thirty seconds per charge but it won’t help you in the steering department, so it’s up to you to find a place that’s wall-free enough to support that kind of flight time. Try it over the top of your cube farm at the office and brighten the grey lives of your co-workers for a few electric seconds.

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Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit
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