Want to stay current? You might want to consider getting yourself an Elbow Cassette Player. Those of us who follow trends have noticed a marked rise in disinterest when it comes to vinyl players. In their place, we’ve seen that those who are ‘hip’ and ‘in’ have recently started to get back into cassettes. That being said, anyone who lives through the 80s and early 90s knows that Cassettes aren’t really practical. Hence why the folks behind the Elbow Cassette Tape Player came up with their solution.

Purely a concept for now, it would use a single pulley to drive the tape and an optical sensor to track the speed. Combined with the bi-axial arm and control wheel, that means it’s incredibly small and leaves most of the cassette exposed for your visual enjoyment. The real innovation is the fact that it can be recharged via mini-USB, a port that can also serve you as you transfer audio to a computer.

Find out more about the Elbow Cassette Player via the link below.

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Elbow Cassette Player Lets You Enjoy MP3s In Cassette Form
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