Zaid Salman of San Jose, California, sent us the heads-up on his latest Kickstarter project. Considering that it’s about to dump another six inches of snow on us today, and the fact that we often feature cool-looking playing cards on the site, we thought, “What better day to introduce our readers to these Bicycle Eira Ice Playing Cards,” inspired by the beauty of snowflakes?

“I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty and symmetry of snowflakes and with the endless variety of shapes they take,” Salman explained. “In the past two years or so, I’ve also gotten interested in playing cards as works of art in and of themselves, and one day a year ago the idea hit me to create a deck design based on the art of snow.”

Salman adds that Eira is the Welsh word for snow, pronounced “OY-rah”. 

“It’s also the name of a neighborhood in Helsinki, Finland. There it’s pronounced ‘EYE-rah.’ I prefer the latter pronunciation,” he added.

As long as it means we can enjoy a cold beer while losing money in a night of poker with the guys, that’s fine with us. The project has about 23 days to go. Thus far, it has raised more than 20 percent of its target, so get over there and donate!

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Eira Ice Allows You To Play Poker With Snowflakes
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