Sleep is important. Not only do you spend roughly a quarter of your life asleep but it remains a critical part of your wellbeing from cellular regeneration to your state of mind. If you feel you have been missing out on getting a good night’s rest then you should probably ditch your wrist-based sleep tracker and invest something along the lines of Eight instead.


Eight, for the uninitiated, is a radical new type of sleep tracker that actually integrates directly with your mattress for “at the source” data gathering. In fact, Eight senses and analyzes the impact of your bedroom environment and fitness activity on your sleep meaning that you’ll be able to pinpoint sources of sleep disruption and take care of them before they start taking a more drastic toll on your person.

Eight is available for pre-ordering via the link below for just $99. If you hurry you can take advantage of a $35 discount with promo code EIGHT35.

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Eight Is The Next-Gen Sleep Tracker
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