Egg is a new cat toy that should keep your little feline buddy amused whether you’re at work or home. This device is shaped like an egg, hence the name, but on the inside, it contains a gearmotor, PCB/battery, and offset weight that all work together in keeping Mr. Whiskers entertained.

If you’re thinking about nabbing one of these for your dog, don’t. Egg was designed with cats in mind, and dogs are too darn destructive. They’d probably just end up swallowing it, and then you would have to retrieve it from you-know-what later on.

The device is also USB chargeable, which is about the only thing required of you to keep it running throughout its lifetime. The Kickstarter has smashed funding goals as of this post, so contributors can expect theirs to arrive in June.

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Egg Toy For Cats...As If They Needed Another Reason To Ignore You
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