Edward Snowden thinks a whole lot more about phone security than the average joe. This is exactly why he’s teamed up with noted hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, in order to create something called an “Introspection Engine”.

While the name sounds fancy, don’t let it fool you. What Snowden has conceived of is a mobile phone case which will allow you to monitor if and when the radio transmitters within the device are active. The point of the added monitoring being that you’ll know exactly when the government is actually tracking your movements and listening into your conversations.


While consumers will be able to purchase their own Introspection Engine, it is primarily aimed at journalists traveling in areas where government spying is a major issue. According to Snowden, governments are able to use exploits in order to make you believe your phone is off all the while they’re actively monitoring your conversations and locations.

The Introspection Engine remains a prototype for now, but both Snowden and Huang have confirmed that they will be manufacturing in China soon.

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Edward Snowden Just Created A Case That'll End Government Spying
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