EDC keychain tools are a must now for obvious reasons. We have been having natural and manmade disasters here and there—Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Las Vegas. We don’t know where it’s gonna happen next. We’re not wishing for it to go down on anyone, but we better be prepared.

So once again we combed through the plethora of keychain multitools on the Internet, and here are our top five picks. Some of them may not have immediate use for zombie attacks, but we’ll never know.

Best Keychain Multitool

SOG Key Folding Knife


“Do you have a knife?”

“Let me ask Dave.”

We’ve all been there. The situation calls for something sharp, but we have to go somewhere else and look for one.

Well, not anymore. SOG has created a line of multitools so good even the US special forces approved. One of which is this key folding knife.

At first glance, it looks like a normal key hanging out with your other keys. But once triggered, it turns into one of the most ferocious beasts on the blade planet.

OK, that’s an exaggeration, but our point is this knife does a very good job of pretending to be a key then it becomes your trusty knife when you need it.

The knife itself is made of 5Cr13MoV steel which is widely used for kitchen knives and high-end scissors. The key is made of stainless steel.

The knife is about 1.5 inches long while the entire tool is 4 inches. With that said, we don’t think you’ll be able to send a zombie back to its rightful place with this EDC tool, but you should be able to add more scratches to its decaying body. So no, this is not a weapon.

If you’re looking for a sharp blade to cut cardboard, paper, or rope with, this is it, buddy. This is really it.

Fencher keychain bottle opener


Sometimes the way to happiness is hindered by that stupid crown cap doing its best protecting the key to happiness.

But with Fencher’s keychain bottle opener, nothing can separate you from guzzling that rightfully brewed drink that makes you celebrate life, forget your inhibitions, and drunk text your boss.

This bottle opener features scratch- and rust-free metallic finish, measures 3.5 x 1.2 x 0.3 inches, and weighs 2.1 ounces. It comes with key rings (a total of four) so you can keep your keys along with it, and lose them altogether. Kidding. You have trackers now.

Anyway, this keychain bottle opener also comes with a 5-year warranty, so that means you’re getting a really trusty tool.

And it’s perfect for opening bottles. Of course. Duh. We may have opened way too many bottles of happiness already. Sorry.

During emergencies, this may not be the first tool you need, but (again) you’ll never know.

Portable Screwdriver Set


Two of the most used hand tools may now be with you as long as your keys are with you thanks to this portable screwdriver set from Sunshine Boy.

The set includes one Phillips-head screwdriver and one flathead screwdriver. Both of which are made of precision cast steel. The key body also fits 1/4” head hex. However, the Phillips-head may be too pointy for some screws.  Do not expect it to fit all sizes.

Nonetheless, this a neat EDC tool for keychain that does its job well without breaking. The small profile is a plus if you don’t want to be carrying a toolbox or a pocket multitool with you all the time unless you’re a repairman though. You have no choice.

resqme Car Escape Tool


The last thing we would like to happen during a disaster is to be locked in a car screaming for help while everyone is running for their lives not noticing that you are pounding on the window, trapped and helpless inside, slowly suffocating and losing all your energy while everything around you gradually becomes a blur.

That’s actually my morbid nightmare, sorry.

But the point is, you don’t have to be trapped in your car for any reason with this car escape tool from resqme, Inc.

It comes with a concealed seat belt cutter and a spring loaded stainless steel spike as a window breaker (thank goodness) while maintaining its 0.6 ounces weight. It measures 2.8 x 0.6 x 1.3 inches the perfect size for a keychain.

It comes with both a cable tie so you or your passenger can access it when hanged from the rear view mirror and a key ring so you can mix it with your car key for easy reach even while driving.

True Utility TelePen


“Can I borrow your pen?” is probably the world’s most asked question—students or not. And up until today, nobody has made a research on why pens disappear within one month after purchasing it. Is it a marketing scheme? We surmise so.

Outsmart these schemers by getting this TelePen that can easily attach to keys, a backpack, or a belt. But you don’t have to worry about having the long dangling pen hanging off your keychain because this pen can be as long as your key then extends telescopically into a full 4.5 inch pen in a simple quick pull mechanism.

It also comes with three ink refills so this should probably last you one full semester granted that you are not dropping out.

Traditional pen makers, be alarmed. Be very alarmed. We won’t fall for your disappearing pen tricks and longer.

But seriously, why do we keep on losing our pens? Does science have the answer?


Emergencies are called emergencies because they are emergencies. Duh!

But jokes aside, we don’t know what and when unwanted events are gonna happen to us. And as the great Batman says, “A hero can be anyone.” And with these EDC tools for keychain, it can be you.

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