We all agree that when we go online, our privacy is at risk. This is why we have been advised to get a VPN or other similar solutions. While running a VPN is a good idea, more often than not, it protects only the device where it is installed. A better solution then would be to get a device or application that protects all devices connected to a single network just like the eBlocker Pro.

eBlocker Pro is a cube-looking device that you connect to a computer and it starts shielding all gadgets connected to your network from unwanted attacks. No customization is needed.

So what exactly can eBlocker Pro do for you?

  • Blocks data collectors that track your online activities.
  • Hides you IP when necessary.
  • Cloaks your device to allow simulation of a different device.
  • Protects both http and https.

And not only that, eBlocker Pro also speeds up your browsing because ads and trackers are blocked continuously.

For more information, visit the link below.

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