We’re all unique individuals with different and constantly changing bodies. Why, then, do belt-makers try to pigeon-hole us with a fixed set of loopholes? These holes rarely fit our waistlines perfectly and they look out of place with the symmetry and congruity that our modern fashions employ.

Eastwood Slider Belts do away with holes in favor of a slide-and-lock system that fits your waist exactly and maintains a clean look. The belts work like this: you push a small lever to lift an auto-lock brake pad, cinch the belt to the right fit, let the lever go, and the brake pad holds the belt in place. The belt is made of full-grain leather, and the buckle is plated with high-grade steel. The Eastwood will be available in tones that include timberline, sandstone, serenity, maplewood, and midnight black.

Eastwood Slider Belts have already raised 3.5 times their creator’s goal of $15,000 on Kickstarter and there’s still more than two weeks left in the campaign. If the project hits $60,000, EVERY backer gets his name engraved on the belt buckle.

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Eastwood Slider Offers Ultimate Loophole In Belt Technology
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