Simply playing video games isn’t good enough…we need to get IN the game. The Ear Force X12 helps you do this by delivering immersive sound. The headphones feature 50-mm speakers for crystal clear audio. Highs come through crisply and lows sound robust while remaining balanced on the frequency spectrum.

Feeling like you’re inside the game isn’t only more enjoyable; it gives you an edge within the game. You’ll be able to hear enemy footsteps more quickly, giving you more time to react. You’ll be able to pick up on sounds that don’t come through television speakers clearly. In a competitive gaming environment, these seemingly small advantages can make a big difference.

The Ear Force X12 also provides deep-cushioned earphones for enhanced comfort. You should be able to keep them on for hours without your ears getting sore. You can also adjust the bass to the level you want and control game and chat volumes independently. If you want to upgrade your gaming, these headphones can help you do it.

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Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset Delivers Amplified Stereo Sound
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