Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan is the perfect answer for all you home owners and apartment dwellers sick and tired of paying for high electric bills. Sure, this thing still runs on electricity, but it uses a lot less of it to keep the room cool and the air circulating. And it does it without blades, so should little Junior become fixated with the design, he won’t end up looking like Captain Hook for his curiosity.

Dyson’s magical device uses a small turbine inside the base of the fan to produce the jet engine effect of sucking in air, only to amplify and blow it out of the base at an angle that controls direction. And yes, yes, Juveniles, we’re aware that we just said “suck” and “blow” in the same sentence. While an engineer could probably do a better job of explaining operation than me, I doubt anyone could laze out in front of this bad boy on a hot summer day with the same kind of lackadaisical bravado. Sure, it’s three bills, but if it saves you on energy costs, why not?

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Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan
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