For the coffee connoisseur, no brewing method produces a better-tasting cup than the French press does. In exchange for robust flavor, French-press adherents are usually willing to tolerate a bit of coffee-grind grit with their java. Well what if you could have Colombian coffee with as much body as Sofia Vergara but without a trace of dust?

The Duo Coffee Steeper delivers the best of both worlds. It features a top chamber in which the ground coffee and the water intermingle for a few minutes, extracting all of the flavor from the beans. You then twist the top chamber so that the mix falls through one fine-mesh filter, through an even-finer-mesh filter, and into a chamber below. The dual-filter system catches all of the coffee grinds and leaves only liquid. With a month to go on its Kickstarter campaign, the Duo Coffee Steeper’s already hit its $50,000 goal. More fundraising, though, means more color options.


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Duo Coffee Steeper
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