The Duke Cannon Supply Co. messed around and made just-for-guys bathroom products cool again with the Big Ass Brick of Soap. And the only thing better than that is this Limited Edition U.S. Military Field Box Gift Pack that contains five, count ’em, five bricks of soap in standard black and green pairings.

What could be more manly than that, you ask? Let’s start with what it comes in – a genuine .30 caliber ammunition field box, watertight and reusable for a variety of functions. Lunch box, storage container, you name it. Additionally, you’ll get a Stanley screwdriver – size and type varies. If you haven’t tried the Big Ass Brick yet, you should. Each bar is around one pound in weight and is modeled after military cakes from the Korean War days. Beats that namby pamby Strawberry Splendor your girlfriend keeps buying!

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Duke Cannon Supply Co. Limited Edition U.S. Military Field Box Gift Pack
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