If you’re a property owner, you need to take control of your privacy. In an age where just about anyone can fly a drone, people’s fundamental right to enjoy their homes in whatever way they feel like it is threatened like never before. This is why you should invest in your own Dronegun. While the name of this product might let you think that it’s some kind of consumer rocket propelled grenade that lets you blow up intruding aerial drones, the fact is much more legal and interesting. Instead of using ammunition, Dronegun simply jams all possible radio frequencies a drone can use to communicate with the operator, causing it to either return to its origin or immediately land.

Dronegun doesn’t require much operating knowledge and can be used by a single person at one time. All of the electronics which make this product possible fit in the Dronegun itself and an attached backpack. More below.

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DroneGun Is How You'll Protect Your Privacy From Drones In The Future
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