You’ve felt the joy of one remote for all your home-entertainment components…now get psyched about one controller for gaming on all your mobile devices. The Drone is a single controller for playing games on your laptop, tablet, Kindle Fire, Ouya, and smartphone. It features two analog sticks, a D-pad, two bumpers, two triggers, four gameplay buttons, and “Start” and “Select” buttons. The Drone works across Bluetooth, so you can establish a wireless connection with your device(s). It also works on open source, so you can hack the controller and learn how to program, if you’re so inclined.

The lithium polymer battery is rechargeable, and the Drone comes in a variety of colors to let you choose a style that suits you. Evolution Controllers lists the Drone for $59.99. The company’s website provides a list of mobile operating systems and games the controller works with and a hacker’s guide for those of you who want to customize your controller.

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Drone Portable Gaming Controller
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