Did you know that sound can actually enhance sleep? While we might think of sound as a sleep disrupter, the fact of the matter is that we can all overcome insomnia if the right type of sound is applied at the right moment. That’s where the Dreem Headband comes in. Equipped with sensors and circuitry that lets it determine when your brain waves are at their most receptive, this Yves Behar-designed headband actually plays sounds at the right moment to make your deep sleep more restful. Most restful sleep without taking chemicals? Sign us up!

The aforementioned features might already make the Dreem Headband a winner in our book, but it goes one step further than what we’ve already mentioned. The system also uses AI to give you tips to improve your habits for even better sleep. Think of Dreem as your very own sleep coach, making sure that you’ll feel rested enough to take on whatever the following day throws at you.

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Dreem Headband Pumps Relaxing Sound Into Your Skull For Better Sleep
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