The Dream Arcades line of high end gaming kits are the types of product you build rooms around. This particular offering from the company, the Dreamcade Vision 32, brings to mind memories of the old Starcade series, which my brother and I watched religiously in the days leading up to our first Nintendo. Okay, so we watched it whenever it aired, which wasn’t very much.

But now we can enjoy all those classic games and add more as we see fit on a classic arcade machine, complete with a 31.5-inch LCD screen, a built-in MP3 music jukebox, and a 2-1/4″ trackball. Oh yeah, and it’s also got 140 games on it. Now if we could just get these guys to send us one, we’d be one grocery store delivery service away from never having to leave the house again.

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Dream Arcades Dreamcade Vision 32
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