Like the previously featured series of ‘Man-Can‘ scented candles, the Dorm Room Scented Candle is for you guys that never want to grow up and would never even consider anything labeled ‘Lavender Blossom’ or ‘Spring Breeze’. Please…

In order to fully enjoy the masculine DRS Candle, follow these steps carefully:

I. Hide all reminders of any real responsibilities you have (those are for conservative old men).

II. Lose the gut and grow a thin beard.

III. Break out the weed, err, blunt. Light.

IV. Spin some Bob Marley and/or Hendrix

V. Light Dorm Room Scented Candle.

Presto, the days-past of eternal youth—reckless abandonment, indiscriminate sex, boozing, getting shitfaced—are upon you again! Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated—but still, the man-o-fied candle is pretty damn awesome, right?

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Dorm Room Scented Candle
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