Dogs tend not to be picky about where they sleep. Given half the chance, a dog will happily sleep in a pile of soiled laundry (or, if they’re slightly more choosy, in a pet hammock).  So if the dog were the only consideration, something like these dog mansions from Best Friend’s Home would seem completely unnecessary. But who’s looking at the dog house more, the dog or the dog owner?

Far from the traditional pointed-roof wooden box, these dog mansions look positively regal. They’re available in four architectural styles: the “Alabama” southern estate, the modern Cubix, the Fairy Tale castle, and the Scandinavian Lonneberga, each of which looks much better in your back yard than a pile of dirty laundry ever could.

Now, these mansions are not entirely for show. They’re made of highly durable premium varnished wood that is resistant to all weather conditions, and their windows (yes, they have actual windows) are break-proof. Some have removable roofs for cleaning, and water drains where necessary. It’s debatable whether they’ll make your dog feel wealthy and prosperous, but there’s no doubt they’ll keep him dry.

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