Don’t you just hate it when your body is exhausted so you lie down immediately, but your brain is wondering whether penguins have knees?

Annoying right?

For some reason, our brain keeps on wandering just when we needed time to snooze. This is especially true when we only have a few hours to close our eyes. Our brain is too worried we may not wake up on time.

This is when we need Dodow’s help. It is a metronome light system that puts our system in proper beat and order so that we can fall asleep easily without taking any medicine.

To use, turn on the pulsing light and breathe according to the light movement. This exercise slows our metabolism down by synchronizing our abdominal breathing with the pulsing light to 6 breaths per minute. When this happens, our brain becomes less active.

Also, the pulsing halo on the ceiling also has a hypnotic effect if you focus on it. This reduces your flow of thought which helps you fall asleep faster.

Dodow also goes to sleep after the exercise—8 or 20 minutes—depending on your choice.

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Dodow Knocks You Out Fast and You'll Love It!
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