We already share photos and videos with one another to stay connected. What if we applied the same idea to music? Every person has a “soundtrack” for their life. The tunes we love are such a huge part of who we are. So why not use social networking to link up with people from all over the world with the same tastes as ours? A current IndieGogo campaign seeks to do just that by helping you define your “mDNA” type. By taking your playlists and using algorithms to compare to other individuals, you can get friend suggestions that are more in line with the person you are. (And you’ll probably discover some cool new music in the process.)

The songs you listen to comprise your mDNA strand, and the closer in similarity it is to another person, the more beautiful the friendship (theoretically). What we really like about the platform from Holding Pattern founder Nick Arnold is that it could open up exposure for indies and regional talents and take power away from the record companies, placing it directly in the hands of the artist. Furthermore, you can integrate with other social media platforms to discover new friends via those connections. And since we’ve already got quite a bit of info about our musical tastes out there, it shouldn’t be hard to build a detailed profile quickly.

So if you’re not sure what your mDNA is, it’s time to find out.

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Do You Know Your mDNA Type?
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