The regular store-bought shovels are usually disposable. Maybe you can use them for months or about a year, but you’ll dispose of them eventually. This is because they are made from cheap, flimsy plastic materials.

The military-grade shovels, on the other hand, are sturdy and durable. But the caveat is, they’re too heavy for everyday use.

So makers Susan Pieper and Tom Benett tried to fill up the niche by creating the DMOS Collective shovels—the Stealth Shovel and Alpha Shovel. These were a Kickstarter project before, but are now available on Amazon.

Alpha Shovel


Both of these shovels are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy, which is known to be corrosion-resistant while remaining lightweight. And with the thickness of 2.5mm, the DMOS Collective shovels are twice as thick as avalanche shovels.

Stealth Shovel


They also have serrated teeth so you can easily break the hardened ice you are trying to get rid of.

What’s more, it comes with a telescoping handle that extends from 18” to 56.5”. It also locks in place so you don’t waste your effort trying to keep the handle from telescoping back into the starting length.

But the best part is the DMOS Collective shovels are completely portable. You may keep it in your trunk, under your sink, probably even in your backpack if it’s big enough.

The only difference between the Stealth Shovel and Alpha Shovel is its size. The latter’s blade is wider and the handle is longer by about 5 inches.

Here’s a review about the Stealth Shovel:

This shovel is very different and has an interesting design. But, it is also one of the strongest shovels on the market. I got this shovel through Kickstarter a few months back but it has been great so far. I keep it in my truck in case I ever need to shovel out my car. However, i’ll admit the amount of snow that this shovel can carry is very limited. But, I believe that its portability and strength makes up for that flaw. It’s a great shovel but, if you looking for something with the same strength and portability and can carry more snow. Check out their Alph shovel which is only $110 on Amazon right now. I feel that I would make a great Christmas gift.—william yang

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