The peephole has been the universal answer to “Who’s there?” for the last 40 or so years. Over those 4o years it has offered a view through our front doors, albeit a limited one, and has remained unchanged throughout its extensive use until now. Brinno has created a Digital Peephole Viewer set to revolutionize the long-dormant field of the peephole. No longer must you rely on dark and blurry images found through that little hole, or listen intently for a familiar voice to allow access to your home.

Once installed, the digital viewer shows you a crisp and clear view of who is on the other side of your front door. The display has two modes “Regular” and “Zoom” that are interchangeable with a push of the single button below the display. There is an automatic 10 second shut off to conserve battery life and a low battery warning system. And like magic, it can be installed right over your existing peephole as it was designed to be. This should make avoiding unwanted visitors all the easier.

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Digital PeepHole Viewer | By Brinno
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