Looks like the DeLorean Motor Company reads inStash. We literally just reported on a third-party modification of their classic 80s car which turns it into an all-electric vehicle when all of a sudden we hear that DMC has decided to start producing all-new DeLoreans for 2017. Yep, you read that right: the DeLorean Motor Company is going to restart production on the iconic car from Back to the Future!


Not content with simply releasing the same car decades later, DMC has also made some improvements to the 2017 DeLorean in order to bring it inline with modern expectations. These improvements include a new, more powerful engine, larger wheels, more efficient brakes, and updated shocks. These new additions should make the vehicle far more fun to drive around as you impress your fellow nerds with your dedication to a car which just may be the most iconic in the entire history of film.

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DeLorean Motor Company Announces 2017 DeLorean
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