The only time size doesn’t matter is when you’re in love because by then “love is blind” is your favorite mantra. For other aspects of our lives, particularly technology, the size of your devices do. matter. a. lot. Case in point, a monitor.

For those of us who have multiple tabs and windows open at the same time, a bigger monitor is preferable. And for those who rely on creativity for a living, color accuracy and screen resolution are of primary importance.


Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor kills both birds with one stone thanks to its 38-inch curved monitor and a massive 3,840 x 1,600 resolution. It may not be 4K, but it is just enough to see displays more clearly and not too much for our undernourished laptop.

There are others with bigger screen sizes, but their resolution is not as impeccable is the one on Dell.

The curved design also ensures perfect viewing angles anywhere and less eye movement given the expense of the screen.

The multiple ports at the back—2 HDMIs, a DisplayPort, USB Type-C, 4 USB-A downstreams, 2 USB upstreams, and 3.5mm audio out—ensure you have enough for your computer or laptop plus a number of peripherals.

Gamers, you may be disappointed with the 60Hz refresh rate though, so stick with a gaming monitor y’all.

More information at the link below.

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Dell UltraSharp 38" Curved Monitor
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