The Defender Anti-Theft Backpack sounds cool and high-tech, and while it’ll certainly get the job done on the theft defense, it’s not quite as futuristic as it sounds. The simple design is really just a series of zipper and velcro pockets that make all kinds of racket should anyone be trying to get in to your business. It’ll buy you enough time to deliver a nice uppercut to the jaw.

What makes it especially attractive is that the projected price over on Quirky at this minute is an obscenely affordable $24. Considering that the bag I currently carry my junk around in ran me close to $149, that’s a steal. A word of warning, though: this is just in the design stages at the present time. It hasn’t crossed over to manufacturing yet, but keep your eye peeled for that by clicking our BUY link and following the project over at the Quirky site.

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Defender Anti-Theft Backpack
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