Ever dream of owning a Go-Kart? Your dream is about to come true. While it might not be very Mario Kart, the Daymak C6 Blast Go-Kart is still a very impressive vehicle. Entirely built in the Great White North — Toronto, Canada — this all-electric machine uses a series of electric ducted fan motors in order to cut its total weight in half. That is to say, from 200kg to just little over 100kg. The performance of the vehicle is obtained not only from this incredibly low weight but also from a liquid-cooled 10kW brushless motor. Speaking of that motor, you’ll probably want to know about the 0-60 time on this bad boy. Well, how does just 4 seconds sound to you? Pretty impressive, right?

The Daymak C6 Blast Go-Kart is the perfect kart for the speed demons amongst us. Make sure you find out more about it by clicking on the green “BUY” button at the bottom of this post.

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Daymak C6 Blast Go-Kart Can Go 0-60 In Just 4 Seconds
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