We don’t know when the zombie apocalypse is coming or if it’s even real (knock on wood), but it is always better to be prepared for any emergency. While tactical pens and survival axe are perfect for these situations, they may not be always applicable.

The tactical pen may not be tactical enough for your emergency needs. The survival axe, on the other hand, will creep people you meet on the streets, especially if you, unfortunately, resemble Leatherface.

So for the niche in between comes Dango tactical wallet.

Because it is a wallet, its primary business is to hold your cash and cards—up to 12 of these, in fact. But aside from protecting your cash, it helps protects something money can’t buy: you.

That is why this tactical wallet comes with a saw, knife, and paracord tensioner. While these are all miniature, they’re still stronger than your teeth and the rope you commonly see around you.

Aside from these, Dango also includes 10/15mm hex, a smartphone stand, nail pryer, and ruler among others plus it’s ready for any RFID attack.

Note, however, that airport customs will not let you pass through with this in your pocket. What you have to do is check it in or leave it at home when traveling. We strongly advise the first one, though.

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Dango Tactical Wallet
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