From its inception, author, and proposed publication, this book has sparked several controversies.

Milo Yiannopoulos has been known to make comments that are probably against some people’s ideals.

For this reason, he is banned from Twitter, not allowed to speak at certain schools in the United Kingdom, and has received at least two bomb threats.

His being controversial affected the release of this book when the original publisher withdrew its promise to publish it.

Despite going through a minefield, Dangerous was published by Milo’s own company, Dangerous Books, and has been selling like a hotcake since its release. In fact, it temporarily went out of stock on Amazon.

The book talks about several topics, mostly political. It makes you think about your perspectives, laugh at your choices, and probably question the authorities.

A little warning though: you have to set aside a day to read this. Once you’ve seen the first page, you can’t help yourself but read until the last page.

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Dangerous: The Most Controversial Book of the Decade is Up for Grabs
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