Shredded chicken, popcorn, Chinese food — these are a few of my favorite things. Unfortunately, my teeth love them, too, and have a hard time letting go. Inevitably, if you’re like me, you’ve only got a few options. Use a finger when no one is looking to dislodge; tongue at it until it falls out while getting dirty looks from people who think you’re making lewd mouth gestures; floss the blood right out of your gums;  or put a toothpick to use.

While the toothpick is one of the handier options, it’s also a sharp wooden stick with no personality or flavor — until now. Thanks to Daneson and its line of Single Malt Toothpicks, you can perform on-the-go dental maintenance while also getting a nice but harmless taste of single malt scotch. These babies will have you looking forward to that next stubborn popcorn kernel.

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Daneson Single Malt Toothpicks
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